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Walczyk calls on Cuomo to extend deadline for those who pay property tax by installment

In response to the COVID-19 shutdown and concerns from local tax receivers in St. Lawrence County, Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I, Watertown) is asking Gov. Cuomo to issue an executive order to extend deadlines for those paying their property taxes in installments. While the majority of taxpayers either pay their bills through escrow accounts or in one payment when bills are issued each fall, there are New Yorkers who work out payment plans with their counties due to medical, employment or other unforeseen circumstances that prevents them from paying their bill in full.

“It is essential that we help these people, especially as the coronavirus pandemic may be contributing even greater to their hardship,” said Walczyk.

“The governor has used this executive power for this purpose before, when the state has had severe snowstorms for example. What people are going through now certainly warrants an extension and I hope he will act quickly so that we can take this burden off the minds of the property owners who are struggling along the Front Yard of America and throughout our great state.”

Other counties around the state are also seeking an extension. Currently, counties are allowed to work with individual property owners to coordinate installment payment plans through May of the following calendar year. Counties are looking to see this year’s deadline extended at least through June, if not longer. The last time the governor extended the property tax deadline through an executive order was following a Valentine’s Day snowstorm in 2019.



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