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"Big County" Sheriff's Deputies Endorse Walczyk  

“The challenges facing the law enforcement community have become greater than ever before.  We need people like Mark Walczyk in the New York State Assembly to assist law enforcement officers to better serve the residents of St. Lawrence County and New York State,” said Leighton Filiatrault, President of the St. Lawrence County Deputies Association.

In his bid for reelection to the State Assembly, Mark Walczyk announced on Tuesday that he has picked up the endorsement of the St. Lawrence County Deputies Association, Inc.  The Deputies Association represents 30 Sheriff’s Deputies across St. Lawrence County, as they advocate for the betterment of deputies. 


“Every day an officer walks out their front door, they don’t know what kind of day they’ll have.  But, they know there’s a good chance they’re going to deal with someone that’s having the worst day of their life, which is why we have to make sure they know we have their back,” said Assemblyman Mark Walczyk.  “I’m so humbled by the endorsement of the St. Lawrence County Deputies Association.  We all get to rest our heads and sleep easy at night because of these brave men and women.  I’ll always have their back.”


This endorsement is the latest for Walczyk, as he is seeking his second term as Assemblyman.  Assemblyman Mark Walczyk has been endorsed by CSEA, one of the state’s largest unions, NYSUT, the state’s largest teacher’s union, the NYSTPBA and the New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union, Council 82, Local 2390.

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