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Assemblyman-elect Mark Walczyk (R,C,I,Ref-Watertown) says "When I decided to run for State Assembly, I did so to improve the lives of Northern New Yorkers.  While on the campaign trail, I sat in the kitchens of countless middle-class working families and their stories continue to motivate me to get to work serving them. Providing meaningful tax relief, cutting a bloated budget, and making it easier for businesses to grow in NNY need to be the priority. I ran to serve, not to improve my wallet.”


“I do not agree with the decision that was handed down by the Commission on Thursday. I’m opposed to the offensive amount they’ve recommended legislative pay be raised.  As lawmakers, it's our job to make sure that the individuals we represent have the chance to prosper and lead successful lives, not to ensure we become the highest paid legislators in the country."


“As families across the North Country are struggling to pay for groceries and many cannot afford the Christmas gifts the good Girls and Boys in our community deserve, I’d put coal in the stockings of the Pay Commission and any legislator that thinks it’s responsible to give themselves a Christmas bonus on the back of the taxpayer,” Walczyk concluded.


For more on the New York State Commission on Legislative, Judicial, & Executive Compensation, click here:

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