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“When the COVID-19 crisis hit, the Front Yard of America did what we always do; we rose to the occasion, put politics aside, worked together and flattened the curve.  We all did our part and as a result, we have one of the lowest infection rates in the state.  However, The Governor has once again decided to unilaterally change the rules in the middle of the ‘reopening game.’


Originally, places like malls, movie theaters, gyms, among others, were told they would be part of Phase 4 and would be able to open their doors.  But now they are now left hanging in limbo.  These businesses were prepping to reopen and get people back to work and now the State has pulled the rug out from underneath them.  No timetable for when they can open their doors. 


This is unacceptable. 


I listened to the frustration of business owners in NNY and personally asked the Governor for details for the next phases. We said no more false starts and here we are again.  We’ve kept our word and did our part, it’s time the Governor keeps his and stop moving the goal posts. 


I appreciate the Governor’s strong leadership and decisiveness at the onset of the crisis, but we didn’t elect him King and it’s time for him to take off the crown.” 

Click here for the June 3rd "no more false starts" letter to the Governor

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