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Walczyk to Cuomo: be "honest, transparent, and consistent"

Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I-Watertown) has called on Gov. Cuomo to publish clear metrics, requirements and specific plans for the state’s Phase 3 and Phase 4 re-openings to avoid the confusion, false starts and unnecessary stress seen across New York with the executive’s handling of the Phase 2 roll out.


“I don’t need to tell you, Governor, that in times of crisis it’s critically important for our executive leadership to be honest, transparent and consistent,” wrote Walczyk in a letter to the governor. “It’s time to allow smart New Yorkers to also operate as free New Yorkers.”


Not only did the Governor’s comments on a radio interview cause last minute pandemonium among businesses and their employees in the five regions that expected to enter Phase 2 on May 29, but he has caused problems for more regions as well including earlier this week, as Western New York looked good enter Phase 2 on Tuesday. On the evening of June 1, while the Governor was giving cable news interviews on his personal views on President Trump, thousands of businesses in Western New York were eagerly awaiting his final go-ahead to begin Phase 2 on June 2, only to wake up never having received that official word. This is another example of an on-going pattern of confusion and lack of communication with this process that Walczyk would like to have avoided.


Walczyk said the governor’s false start on Phase 2 “created confusion, frustration, anger, and may have ultimately resulted in significant loss of faith in state government’s ability to lead us out of this.”


Despite that, as his first major action upon returning full time to elected office after having been called up to active service as a member of the United States Army Reserves, the Assemblyman has taken the step to call out the Governor to reassure the people of his district, which he calls the Front Yard of America, that they do have a strong advocate.

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