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State Assemblyman Mark Walczyk has announced that he has received the endorsement of nearly 130 local elected officials from throughout St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties.


Since becoming Assemblyman, Mark Walczyk has developed relationships and built bipartisan coalitions to fight for a better tomorrow for the Front Yard of America.  The list of local elected officials consists of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  Walczyk has a proven record of working and advocating alongside local leaders of all political parties to ensure the North Country has a voice in the halls of Albany. 


“Over the past two years, I have watched Mark fight for the North Country, or as he has aptly nicknamed it, the Front Yard to America. While working across party lines, Mark has tirelessly worked to ensure that North Country has a seat at the table, and while we may disagree, as any Democrat and Republican are bound to do, at the end of the day, I know that he will do anything in his power to ensure that the North Country's voices are heard," said Village of Antwerp Mayor Jonathan P. Cole.


“I’ve known Mark for a number of years and have seen firsthand that his work ethic is second to none.  Mark has been an excellent Assemblyman and an even better friend.  He is the voice the North Country needs in Albany and I couldn’t be more proud to endorse him for State Assembly,” said St. Lawrence County Clerk Sandy Santamoor.


“It’s beyond humbling to have this kind of support from local leaders in St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties,” said Assemblyman Mark Walczyk.  “Since day one, I’ve worked to build coalitions and relationships to fight for the North Country.  I’m overwhelmed by the support from so many local elected officials, who have their fingers on the pulse of the community they represent.  I’m looking forward to continuing the work we’ve done to build a better tomorrow for the Front Yard of America.”


The list of endorsement from local elected officials is as follows:


Jefferson County Legislature Chairman Scott Gray

Jefferson County Legislator Bobby Cantwell- “Mark is the fighter we need in Albany.”

Jefferson County Legislator Corey Grant

Jefferson County Legislator William Johnson- “I can’t thank Mark enough for all he’s doing to better the region.”

Jefferson County Legislator John Peck- “Mark’s unwavering dedication to bettering the North Country should be applauded.  He’s got my support.”

Jefferson County Legislator Pat Jareo- “Assemblyman Walczyk is a fierce advocate for the NC and he’s got my support.”

Jefferson County Legislator Jeremiah Maxon

Jefferson County Legislator Robert Ferris "Honest, and hardworking, has integrity, and answers my calls when I call."

Jefferson County Legislator Francee Calarco

Jefferson County Legislature Jim Nabywaniec

Jefferson County Legislator Dan McBride

Jefferson County Legislator Mike Montigelli

Jefferson County Legislator Anthony Doldo

St. Lawrence County Legislature Chairman Joe Lightfoot

St. Lawrence County Legislator James Reagan

St. Lawrence County Legislator Rita Curran

St. Lawrence County Legislator David Forsyth

St. Lawrence County Legislator Bill Sheridan

St. Lawrence County Legislator Larry Denesha

St. Lawrence County Legislator Rick Perkins

St. Lawrence County Legislator Kevin Acres

Jefferson County Clerk Gizelle Meeks

St. Lawrence County Sheriff Brooks Bigwarf

Watertown Mayor Jeff Smith- "Assemblyman Walczyk listens, gets it, and has been great to work with. He got a bill passed that will save our taxpayers millions."

Watertown City Councilmember Lisa Ruggiero

Watertown City Councilmember Sarah Compo

Watertown City Councilmember Jessie Roshia

Ogdensburg City Mayor Mike Skelly

Ogdensburg City Councilor Dan Skamperle

Ogdensburg City Councilor Steven Fisher

Ogdensburg City Councilor William Dillabough

Ogdensburg City Councilor Mike Powers

Village of Brownville Mayor Pat Connor- “Mark has been an excellent voice in Albany for us.  He’s doing a terrific job.”

Village of Brownville Trustee Leo Thompson- “Mark is the voice we need in Albany.”

Village of Brownville Trustee Bob Goutremont

Village of Brownville Trustee Mike Walrath

Village of Brownville Trustee Steve Mott- “I can’t thank Mark enough for his efforts to build a brighter tomorrow for the North Country.”

Village of Glen Park Mayor Stephen Macaulay- “We are very lucky to have Mark representing us in Albany.”

Village of Glen Park Trustee Shane Wisner- “We appreciate Mark’s outreach and advocacy for Glen Park and the North Country.”

Village of Glen Park Trustee Robert Wahser

Village of Glen Park Trustee Joan Postorino- “Mark has really impressed me.  He’s the only state official to attend a Glen Park board meeting.”

Village of Dexter Mayor Jim Eves- “Mark is working hard for the North Country and he is what we need.”

Village of Heuvelton Mayor Barb Lashua

Village Heuvelton Deputy Mayor Gus Guardino

Village Heuvelton Trustee Bill Knowlton

Village Heuvelton Trustee Carol Basford

Village Heuvelton Trustee E. Jack Wood

Rensselaer Falls Mayor Michael Hammond

Rensselaer Falls Trustee James Blackburn

Village of Norwood Trustee Glen Webster

Village of Norwood Trustee Matt Tebo

Village of Cape Vincent Mayor Jerry Golden- “Mark has gone above and beyond in his role as Assemblyman and we are grateful for his advocacy and he truly cares for the North Country.”

Village of Cape Vincent Trustee George Sperry

Village of Theresa Mayor Jonathan Walker- “Doing a great job!”

Village of Theresa Trustee Christopher Love

Village of Sackets Harbor Mayor Eric Constance- “I think Mark is doing a bang-up job.”

Village of Sackets Harbor Trustee James Bray- “I appreciate all he does for the North Country.”

Village of Sackets Harbor Trustee Philip Fay- “I think Mark is doing a great job.”

Village of Sackets Harbor Trustee Barbara Boulton

Village of Hammond Mayor Shelly Youngs

Village of Antwerp Trustee Dale Davidson- “He’s a friend to Antwerp!”

Village of Antwerp Clerk Amy Cole

Village of Clayton Trustee Nancy Hyde- “He is doing a good job.”

Village of Philadelphia Mayor Matthew Montroy

Morristown Town Supervisor Frank Putman

Morristown Town Councilmember Shawn Macaulay

Morristown Town Councilmember Gary Turner

Morristown Town Councilmember David Murray

Morristown Highway Superintendent Dean Hoffman 

Oswegatchie Town Supervisor Alfred “Bud” Nichols

Oswegatchie Town Councilmember Lillian LaRose

Oswegatchie Town Councilmember Michael Stoner

Oswegatchie Town Councilmember Kenneth Wilson

Oswegatchie Town Councilmember Bruce LaRose

Oswegatchie Town Clerk Vicki Thornhill

Oswegatchie Highway Superintendent Karl Cougler

Lyme Town Supervisor Scott Aubertine- “Mark is the voice we need in Albany.”

Lyme Deputy Town Supervisor Don Bourquin

Lyme Town Councilmember Daniel Villa- “Mark has given more than 100% as he’s fighting for the North Country.”

Cape Vincent Town Supervisor Ed Bender- “Mark has been great to work with and he’s working hard for us.”

Cape Vincent Town Councilmember Alan Wood

Town of Brownville Supervisor Richard Lane- “Mark is doing a superb job as our Assemblyman.”

Hammond Town Councilmember Douglas Delosh

Hammond Town Councilmember Ted Elk

Hammond Town Highway Superintendent Donald Greene

De Pyester Town Supervisor Irene Hargrave

De Pyester Town Clerk Susan Matheson

De Pyester Town Councilmember Leslie Hargrave

De Pyester Town Councilmember Stephen Ross

De Pyester Highway Superintendent Kevin Murdock

Macomb Town Councilmember Brett Martin

Macomb Town Councilmember Ryan Schermerhorn

Hounsfield Town Supervisor Tim Scee- “Mark is doing a great job and I fully support him.”

Hounsfield Town Councilmember Carson Lennox- “Mr. Walczyk is active and communicates well with the North Country.”

Hounsfield Town Councilmember John LaDuc

Hounsfield Town Councilmember Carson Lennox

Pamelia Town Supervisor Scott Allen

Pamelia Town Councilmember Kenneth Hart

Pamelia Town Councilmember Grace Pruitt

Pamelia Town Councilmember Rusty Vantassel

Pamelia Highway Superintendent Bruce Kall- “Doing good for all the Highway Superintendents, making sure we are getting CHIPs.”

Clayton Town Supervisor Lance Peterson- "He has my full support" 

Clayton Town Councilmember Kenneth Knapp- “Thanks the Assemblyman for his efforts since you have been in office.  Appreciates you always being available.”

Lisbon Town Supervisor Bill Nelson

Lisbon Town Councilmember Al Dailey

Lisbon Town Councilmember Ron Bush

Lisbon Town Councilmember Nate Putney

Lisbon Highway Superintendent Michael Baldock

Theresa Town Supervisor Steve Marcincowski- “I think Mark was an excellent choice from the beginning and my views on him haven’t changed.”

Theresa Town Councilmember Darren Edgar

Theresa Town Highway Superintendent Mark Savage- “Works for the North Country!”

Theresa Town Clerk Kim Delles

Philadelphia Councilmember Ronald Spicer

Philadelphia Councilmember Sandra Carpenter

Philadelphia Highway Superintendent Mike Freeman

Waddington Town Councilmember Shaun Prentice

Massena Town Councilmember Sue Bellor

Massena Town Clerk Janine Brouse

Antwerp Town Supervisor John Shaw

Orleans Highway Superintendent Rob Black

Louisville Town Councilmember Dan O’Keefe

Louisville Town Councilmember Gail Schneider

Town of Canton Highway Superintendent Terry Billings

Alexandria Town Supervisor Brent Sweet

Alexandria Council Member John Stine- “Keep up the great work!”

Alexandria Council Member Sandy Caputo

Alexandria Council Member Ron Thompson

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