Walczyk: "I back the blue, and I'm honored they're backing me."

Council 82 Mission Statement

The mission of the New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union, AFSCME Council 82, AFL-CIO is to provide the professional working men and women that protect the citizens of New York State with the best possible working conditions. Through superior legal representation, aggressive collective bargaining and political action, we will ensure that each of our members are provided with the greatest service available. This Union strives to guarantee that our members’ rights are protected while performing their official duties and that the members are afforded the respect, dignity and fair compensation they justly deserve for the quality of services they render each and every day at great personal sacrifice.

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New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union, Council 82, Local 2390

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO




 To whom it may concern,


               Council 82 Local 2390 is proud to endorse Mark Walczyk for the 116th Assembly District seat. Mr. Walczyk truly understands the issues facing law enforcement officers and has stood firm in opposing anti-law enforcement legislation.  Mr. Walczyk has been accessible to us and has even taken the time to tour the St. Lawrence County Correctional Facility.  He has listened to our concerns and has been very clear that he will not support bills that hamper law enforcement officers or endanger public safety.


               Lately it seems common sense is in short supply in Albany, which is why we can't afford to lose Mr. Walczyk from the Assembly. Mark Walczyk has proven to us that he will stand up for the North Country in political arena that tends to forget that what applies to New York City does not always apply to us.


               We are happy to endorse Mark Walczyk for Assembly and encourage citizens of the 116th Assembly District to cast their vote for him on Election Day.



Joseph D. Lalonde


Council 82 Local 2390

About Us
New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union, AFSCME, AFL-CIO

Council 82 is a very active, aggressive, responsive and growing Union. Our history as a Labor Union has given us the experience which enables the family of Council 82 to work together toward our members goals. Council 82 is a full service union that represents law enforcement professionals across New York State.

Our Union structure affords our members an opportunity for direct involvement. Council 82 has in-house lawyers, a legal department, a legislative and political action department, a field staff department, a financial department and a full administrative staff. Council 82 membership also includes member death benefits and private insurance programs.

Through our affiliation with the AFL-CIO and our International Union, AFSCME, our members enjoy access to tremendous organizational support and research assistance. AFSCME has the finest research department in organized labor, a health and safety department, a health benefits department, an education department and a communications department.

Our affiliation with both AFSCME and the AFL-CIO provides our members access to AFSCME benefits, including scholarships, credit cards, discounted legal programs and travel packages.

As a Full Service Union, all these benefits and more are available to all of our members.

Council 82 provides guidance and expertise in the following areas:

In House Legal Department Available 24 / 7
Contract Negotiations
$10,000 Life Insurance Policy
Employee Q & A's
Joint Labor / Management Meetings
Local Union Autonomy
Media / Political Campaigns
Assistance in Local Election Process
Legislative Issues
Health & Safety Issues
Legal Issues
State and Local Budget Analysis
207-c & Disability Related Issues
College Scholarship Program
Insurance Programs
Legal Department: Our legal department consists of three (3) in-house attorneys and a legal secretary. The attorneys are all employees of Council 82 and work only for Council 82. They are available 24 hours a day. Our legal department advises and assists you in the processing of grievances and represents you at arbitration. All costs involved with processing grievances and arbitrations are covered by Council 82.

Health and Safety: Our staff is available to visit your work sites to insure that all state and federal rules & regulations are enforced. We are available to assist in Joint Labor / Management meetings when dealing with these issues. We provide training to our local members and committees.

Contact Us
To contact us by mail:
Council 82 Law Enforcement Union
Hollis V Chase Building
63 Colvin Ave.
Albany, New York 12206

To contact us by phone:
ph. (518) 489-8424
toll free. 1 (800) 724-0482
fax. (518) 435-1523

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The Staff That Makes it Work !!!!
Staff members can be reached by dialing (518) 489-8424 or 1-(800)-724-0482 and dialing their extension number, or by clicking on their name to send email.

Greg Carey
Staff Representative - (ext 210)

Tad Levac
Staff Representative - (ext 210)

Ennio Corsi
General Counsel - (ext 247)

Christine Caputo-Granich
Associate Counsel - (ext 238)

Andre Dalbec
Associate Counsel - (ext 231)

Sandra Cook
Administrative Assistant - (ext 264)

Maria Johnson
Membership - (ext 235)

John Gifford
Business Administrator - (ext 230)

Cytaya Acevedo
Legal Secretary - (ext 228)

Legislative Department
63 Colvin Avenue
Albany, NY 12206
(518) 489-8424, ext.264
Fax: (518) 435-1523
E Mail: legislative@council82.org

Council 82 represents police officers, deputy sheriffs, county correction officers and NYS Law Enforcement Officers throughout the state. Each year, the New York State Legislature considers hundreds of pieces of legislation that affect the working lives of New York’s Law Enforcement Officers. Legislation varies from the adoption of a New York State budget, which provides the funding for many of the services our members afford to New York State and its communities, to specific pieces of retirement legislation that address the special retirement needs of law enforcement officers and legislation that mandates health and safety standards. Council 82's Legislative Department's goal is the improvement of our member’s benefits, health and safety, and their working conditions through the legislative and political process.

For our union to have the maximum impact on the legislative process, Council 82 has developed a legislative and political action program that educates and trains our members, involves them in elections at all levels and backs up their actions with the staff and financial resources to achieve results. Council 82 continues to be in the forefront of political action and involvement in the election of candidates who support the unique needs of the law enforcement community.

Council 82’s Legislative Update highlights many of the bills that the New York State Legislature is currently considering that impacts the membership of Council 82. The Update shows the current status of legislation, the bill numbers, the legislative sponsors and a short description of the proposed legislation. If you have any questions or need more information on the legislation contained in this report, please contact Council 82's Legislative Department at legislative@council82.org. The report is organized by subject matter. This update and other information regarding legislation can be found on our web site www.council82.org.

You may also download legislative information including Senate and Assembly bill copies via the NYS Assembly and Senate web sites at www.assembly.state.ny.us or www.senate.state.ny.us. Other web sites of interest are the Governor’s web site, www.state.ny.us/gov, the Attorney General’s web site, www.oag.state.ny.us, and the State Comptroller’s web site, www.osc.state.ny.us. For more detailed information on the state budget and other issues of interest to working families visit the Fiscal Policy Institute web site at www.fiscalpolicy.org.