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Helpful links and references during COVID-19

Please feel free to copy the link and share this page to help a neighbor. We take care of each other in NNY - it's just part of who we are. When you hear of a neighbor, friend, or family that needs help and it's beyond your scope, there's lots of places to turn. My awesome staff put together a list of existing links and phone numbers to keep handy:

Samaritan Medical Center COVID-19 Hotline (315-755-3100)
River Hospital (315-482-2511)
Claxton Hepburn Medial Center (315-393-3600)
St. Lawrence Health System (315-265-3300)
Jefferson County Public Health
St. Lawrence County Public Health (315-386-2325)

Jefferson County Department of Social Services (315-785-3000)
St Lawrence County Department of Social Services (315-379-2111)
Watertown Urban Mission (315-782-8440)
Ogdensburg Salvation Army (315-393-3351)
Massena Salvation Army (315-769-5154)
Watertown Salvation Army (315-782-4470)

St. Lawrence County: (315-386-4504)
Jefferson County: (315-779-7000)

For all emergencies: 9-1-1
Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management (315-786-2654)
St Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services (315-379-2240)
Jefferson County Sheriff's Dispatch (315-788-1441)
St Lawrence County Sheriff's Department (315-379-2222)

NYSDOH Coronavisius website:
NYS DOH Coronovirius Hotline (888-364-3065)

For any additional information or resources, please contact my office in Watertown (315-786-0284) or Canton (315-386-2037).

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