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Assemblyman Mark Walczyk calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to extend tax deadlines for businesses

"History is unfolding before our eyes.  These unprecedented times call for decisive action to safeguard the health and well-being of the public.


Over the past several days, the Governor has taken bold steps to fight the spread of COVID-19.  He's issued a number of Executive Orders to do things like limit large gatherings and cut the New York workforce, for both public and private business.  At this point, we can't fathom what the impact to the economy will be.


We do know that when the State is ordering private businesses to reassess and reconfigure how they operate, it's in all our interest to consider the future of the economy while we continue to take the necessary steps to protect public health.


Over these past few days, I've been hearing from business owners, many of whom are innovating and adjusting to new realities and remain full of North Country grit.  It's that spirit that helped build our nation and our Empire State.  It will be small businesses that help us recover on the back end of the 'flattened curve.'


Some folks are critical, most people are frustrated but nobody can argue that our Governor has reacted quickly and decisively. He's displayed the strong leadership necessary to navigate crisis and while we'll all learn lessons from this, I want to thank him for having the courage to make the tough decisions necessary to safeguard all of us.


As we react to the emergency though, we have to think about the impact of these sweeping decisions and craft smart policy by forecasting outcomes.  


That's why I'm calling on our Governor to push back the monthly and quarterly deadlines for businesses to pay sales tax by 180 days.  Just extending the deadlines to pay will give so many small businesses the fiscal stability to continue payrolls and financial obligations."

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