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The Federal government has pushed the tax filing deadline out to July 15th and New York State will follow suit with their filing deadline.  Additionally, the Governor's Director of the Division of Budget announced today that business sales tax payments will not be charged interest or penalty if they are unable to meet today’s deadline.    

I want to personally thank the Governor for eliminating penalties for businesses delaying sales tax payments and not charging businesses interest on the sales tax it's collected and not yet turned over to the state.


The State Legislature did the right thing by employees by making sure they'd be taken care of with paid sick leave for COVID-19. Now, we're taking the right steps to make sure they still have a job to go back to by giving relief to our small businesses.


While we're still in crisis mode, it's so important to plan and forecast how we'll work together to get our economy humming again. With both Federal and State governments offering relief for the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy, we can be optimistic that despite a downturn, there will be a return to normalcy.

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